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ARIS F.C. Stadium

The installed LED flood lighting meets the new stringent broadcast criteria of the English Premier League.

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to be able to work with Huadian Lighting on delivering the best possible environment for our supporters to enjoy ARIS F.C. Stadium matches in”

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Huadian Lighting has provided state-of-the-art LED pitch lighting for ARIS F.C. Stadium making them the first stadium equipped with this pioneering lighting system, which will ensure that the stadium continues to be one of the most famous sporting arenas in the area.

The Right Lighting

Huadian LED flood lighting is an innovative LED pitch lighting solution, designed to provide footballers, fans and TV broadcasters with the best possible experience and to support the latest Premier League requirements for TV broadcasting.


When their stadium lights were due for a lighting upgrade, the stadium looked to LED lighting technology to help them achieve their goals. The traditional Sport Light fixtures used 1500W Metal Halide lamps and ballasts. Much of the initial light output of the fixtures had depreciated since the MH lamps were installed many years ago. While improving visibility and light levels on the field were a primary concern, they were also concerned with minimizing upfront costs, energy costs, and future maintenance costs.


To cost-effectively upgrade the Stadium Lighting, they turned to huadian field Lights fixture. The 600W Sports Light dramatically improved visibility in the area while cutting energy consumption by 35%. The retrofit Sports solution selected by ARIS F.C. Stadium minimized upfront costs by utilizing the existing poles. Additionally, with a rated luminaire life of up to 100,000 hours, the Sports Luminaires will last over 5+ times longer than the current Metal Halide lamp. Ballasts were eliminated from the circuit, additionally reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.


Stadium LED Lights

Huadian LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch-lighting solution supporting the latest TV broadcasting standards and featuring a control platform to create…

Maximum design flexibility and a high level of lighting quality – no flicker effect in televised applications

Creation and triggering of lighting atmospheres and sequences, as well as flexibility in switching between different types of events

System enables interfacing with external lighting controllers

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Your Easy Path to Retrofit Sports Lighting is our ONLY business! we have provided the highest quality lighting at the most competitive prices. In addition, you gain our expertise through every step of the process.

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