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Top-Notch Sports Lighting Solutions for Stadiums & Sports Fields and More

Sports lighting is a necessary feature for any game, whether it is professional, municipal, collegiate, or high school. Our glare-free lighting assists players, spectators, and cameras. Sport’s lighting illuminates the field and promotes better visibility. This allows everyone to have a clear view of the event. Sports lighting will give your venue and opportunity to shine. The HD Stadium Light Series turns an average game into a truly exciting event.


led sports lighting

Roadway Luminaries

Our baseball field lights offer enhanced, glare-free illumination with various beam spreads. This crisp illumination allows spectators to avoid any visual discomfort. This allows the spectator’s a better experience and earns your venue the attention it deserves.

LED Street Light

Huadian’s Football Stadium Lights are designed for municipal, high-school, collegiate, professional, and recreational outdoor venues. These stadium lights show off the field’s well-kept appearance and allow the players to shine.

Street Lamps

Our Soccer Field Lights offer the benefits of Huadian’s LED Sport’s Luminaire. The lights are simple, smart, and easy to use. We offer Flood Sport Lighting Solutions that provide advanced functionality. These lights are ideal for facade sunlight. Our Flood Sport Lighting Solutions promote a generous amount of light without contributing to camera glare.

 Free Street Lighting simulation plan

Why is the lighting plan important? They can make you see the area you are in and the effect under LED floodlighting taking the risk out of the purchase. We can readily run different options with our floodlights and offer you with the right information and guide. We are helping to save your money. But it is also important to set the lighting correctly.

A lighting plan that uses LED court lights will eliminate the risk of purchasing LED

Baseball field lighting plan

Baseball field lit to 70+ foot candles infield and 40+ foot candles outfields.

Soccer field lighting plan

Soccer field lit to an average of 90+ footcandles

The Benefits of Converting to LED Stadium Lights

We understand that it is extremely important to get your venue’s stadium lighting done right. A lighting plan that utilizes LED Stadium Lights will remove the risk of purchasing common LED lighting. There are tangible benefits to converting lighting to LED stadium Lights.


led arena lights

Optimize Operations

LED Stadium Lights provide you with easy control of your venue’s lighting. These lights allow you to shine the light on the areas that need it, at the moment they need it most. This lighting option allows you to streamline maintenance through careful monitoring. You can see the outages throughout the stadium. Another benefit of this lighting system is that it reduces your venue’s energy consumption through the use of energy-efficient LED lighting, scheduling, and controls.
arena lighting

Enhanced Experience

Our LED Stadium Lights increase player and spectator comfort and well-being. The uniform LED lighting will improve the visibility and safety of both the athletes and the spectators. Our flexible lighting options offer a unique ambiance that will compliment your venue.
sports lighting fixtures

Limit Light Pollution

Our LED lighting offers advanced floodlight performance through zero tilt optics and full spill light control. We understand that spill glare is often the first consideration in choosing your venue’s sports lighting fixtures. Residential areas and some other locations fall subject to dark-sky regulations. Our LED floodlights limit your venue’s light pollution.

 Outdoor used LED Street Lighting

High performance Roadway street lighting project
high performance street lighting for high-speed way

Why you should choose Huadian Lighting Stadium Lights?

With 10 years of experience specialized in the design and manufacture of sports lighting, Huadian Sports floodlighting offers our best lighting solution to light for your specific project! Whether you are lighting soccer complexes, baseball fields, professional venues, multi-sport locations, and other similar locations, Huadian lighting will give you the value and support you want at the highest possible level every time.

Are High Voltage Solutions needed?

We offer two options for 100V-277V standard voltage and 277V-480V high voltage to meet your needs for different projects.
Our outdoor sports floodlights are available with 10KV and 20VK surge protectors options to ensure normal operation in all weather conditions.

Is High Luminous Efficacy an important feature?

Luminous efficiency is an important indicator of the performance of floodlighting systems. The visible light produced by each watt of current is called luminous efficiency, and the unit is lumens/watt.
Compared with conventional stadium lights, LED sports floodlights with high luminous efficiency are the best choice for future stadium lighting.

Why is Heat Dissipation important?

Heat dissipation is one of the important indicators of the performance of sports floodlights. A high-quality radiator is made of aluminum with the best thermal conductivity. The higher the aluminum value, the higher the electrical conductivity, and the better the heat dissipation performance.
The heat dissipation system should consider the overall structure of the luminaire and leave enough spacing between the LED chips to provide a circulation channel for the air, which helps the cooling process of the aluminum radiator.

Can the Glare Rating make a difference?

When choosing sports lighting fixtures near residential areas or other locations controlled by the dark sky, effectively control spill glare is the primary consideration, because if there is too much glare, it will not only cause visual discomfort to players but also may offend the environmental laws and regulations have brought unnecessary losses.
Huadian Lighting offers the most advanced optical lens options to effectively control spill glare and ensure that your fixture meets all spill glare requirements.

Lower the energy costs by 50%

Huadian sports floodlights reduce energy costs by as much as 50% through the use of energy-saving LEDs and advanced optics. This alone can always bring about huge changes. LED lights have a long service life, up to 54,000 hours for L70 hours. These LED sports floodlights are ideal for sports fields and do not require extensive maintenance. Because they are indeed well-structured, quality and value will always provide you with the support and benefits you need at the highest possible level.


How can High Power Solutions help?

Our stadium lights come with a standard option of 140 lumens per watt and a high-efficiency option of 150 lumens per watt. It is usually possible to illuminate any sports field through a high-power-high-light-efficiency solution to achieve the purpose of energy-saving and high efficiency.
We can provide you with a free outdoor field photometric evaluation to show the effect under the sports field lighting and will recommend the best lighting effect power and optical component combination.

Do you need the Right Optics and Beam Angles?

The beam angle of the lamp is the light distribution or the angle of emission. The wider the beam angle, the larger the area covered, the more uniform the light produced, and the lower the brightness; on the contrary, the narrower the beam angle, the more concentrated the light. The coverage area will be smaller.
Our engineers use photometric analysis to show you the correct beam angle and optical components to help you get the best view.

What CRI do you need?

The CRI is used to evaluate the visibility of the color of an object under the light source. Generally, The CRI of the bulb higher, The color rendering ability stronger. A light source with a CRI of 70 or 80 above for sports lighting is considered a qualified light source. This way you get an optimal experience, all colors are vibrant and natural, and you will not have to worry about any coloring issues during the TV broadcast.

What Color Temperature do you need?

Huadian sports floodlighting solutions provide a variety of options to meet the minimum CCT specified by the organization for the sports field. For example, in FIFA and FIH, the CCT must reach 4000K or higher. Choosing the correct CCT enables the TV camera to capture the most realistic picture, avoiding annoying color shifts during broadcasting.

The importance of wet rated fixtures

The efficiency and lifetime of your light fixtures are dependent on the quality and the installation process. But Humidity and water always affect stadium lights, One thing to consider here is the fact that flowing, splashing, or dripping water can end up damaging the components.
The Huadian sports floodlighting solutions are UL listed, they have an IP66 rating and that means they work in all weather conditions.


Foot Candle Recommendations for Stadiums and Sports Arenas

At Huadian, we know that a great lighting system provides more than just illumination on the field. Sports lighting should also improve the comfort of the stadium’s visitors. The stadium’s lighting should promote the successful television broadcast of your venue’s event for spectators watching in the comfort of their own home.

Sports lighting is a complex business. Every business, whether international, national, regional, or local, all have their own unique lighting requirements. Different sessions and sports require different lighting techniques. The size and spectator’s distance from the field plays a remarkable role in determining the best lighting for the stadium.

This huge variety of interests dictates the organization of classes by CEN standards. These classes are often consistent with the various TV broadcasting standards.

Class I Class I Lux Levels Class II Lux Levels Class III Lux Levels
Athletics 500 200 50-100
Basketball 500 200 75
Baseball 500 (outfield) 300 (outfield) 200 (outfield)
Baseball 750 (infield) 500 (infield) 300 (infield)
Cricket Grounds 500-750 300-500 200-300
Bowls (Flat Green) 300 200 100
Equestrian 500 200 100
Hockey 500 200 75
Soccer 500 200 200
Horse Racing 200 100 50
Rugby 500 200 75
Tennis 500 300 200
Netball 500 200 75
Volleyball 500 200 75

Street Light project in different countries

USA case

Germany case

Australia case

Korea case

Singapore case

Brazil case

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