Fencing Hall Lighting

 Fencing Hall Lighting

A good fencing hall lighting system improves the performance of fencer and the audience viewing experience. LED is the best options to light up the fencing arena because of its energy-saving, glare-free, brighter, more uniform illumination.

led lighting for fencing hall improves the vision and user experience. After replacing the metal halide, mercury vapor, HPS or other HID flood lighting fixtures, we can save approx. 75% to 90% energy. We deliver high-quality LED high bay ceiling lights for indoor piste that lasts for at least 80000 hours.

Fencing Hall Lighting Design

1.Lux (Brightness) Level Requirement

Different indoor fencing halls should maintain designated brightness level. The general idea is that we need the brightest lighting for professional fencing tournament such as Olympic Games, World Fencing Championships, North American Cup and more. The lighting requirement on lux level can be up to 2000 to 2500 lux for 4K or HDTV broadcasting. The lux levels for different types of fencing strips and halls are summarized as follows.

Types of Fencing Hall        Lux Level Recommendation

Training    200 to 300 lux

Recreational    400 to 600 lux

Regional  700 to 800 lux

National   1000 to 1500 lux

International   2000 to 3000 lux

Another concept is that we need to keep a reasonable ratio between horizontal and vertical illumination. Horizontal means the fencing strip while vertical is the body and face of fencers. If they are significantly inconsistent with each other, the picture and video quality will be lowered. When designing the lighting arrangement, our engineers will also test if the ratio between horizontal and vertical lux is nearly 1:1, which gives better lighting outcome.

2.Lighting Uniformity

Almost all manufacturers can give you the bright, or even blinding lighting plan; however, lighting uniformity is an essential parameter determining the lighting quality. In other words, it is useless to have a bright illumination but extremely low lighting uniformity. The below pictures demonstrate what the poor and good lighting designs are.

From the above example, we can see it is like using a spotlight to light up the entire area, and you can find many dim and bright regions inside the piste. Poor lighting uniformity is not acceptable because it strains the fencers’ eyes and thus irritate them.

Nevertheless, our lighting solution is bright and uniform enough to fit different applications. Depending on the standard of your fencing hall, we will deliver to you the lighting design having 0.6 to 0.8 uniformity, or other designated value.

However, the limitation of having higher lighting uniformity (> 0.7) is that the cost of lighting for fencing arena will be higher.

3.Flicker Free Lighting

flicker-free-led-lighting-for-pisteFencing involves many speedy movements such as fleche, feint and guard. To capture such the exciting moment, we will make use of the high-speed camera. However, if the light flickers, it will be extremely difficult to record because the you can feel the brightness raise and drop periodically in the footage.

 To prevent this from happening, we develop flicker-free LED sports lighting that supports up to 6000 Hz slow motioncamera. Contact us for more information.

 Advantages of using LED Lights for Fencing Strip


LED lights are more energy-saving than metal halide, HPS and fluorescent. It is because LED has overwhelming luminous efficiency of 120 to 140 lm/W. We can compare this value with 10 to 20 lm/W for halogen and 75 to 90 for metal halide. Under the same power consumption, LED delivers higher lumen output. By replacing the conventional HID lighting with LED inside fencing strip, we can reduce the running cost due to lighting electricity.


Apart from the lamp cost, we also need to consider the future maintenance cost as it might be costly to detach and then reinstall the lights to the high ceiling. LED is a better choice because it lasts for approx. 27 years if they are operated for 8 hours per day. Hence, we have no need to worry about the light goes of very quickly.


Our LED lights are made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is light-weight yet strong. Less heavier luminaires assist installation inside the fencing strip.

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