Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

LED indoor swimming pool lighting fixtures meet the unique needs of natatorium lighting and are designed and certified to safely operate in a wet and warm environment and corrosion-resistant and resistant to humidity. The natatorium, or indoor pool environment almost always have high humidity and chlorine levels, these harsh chemicals can impact the integrity of the fixture as well as the performance of the LEDs.

To minimize the impact of chlorine, the Huadian LED floodlight series are Marine grade aluminum, Salt Spray Test Certified, Electrostatic powder coat paint is applied, the entire fixture undergoes an Electrophoresis surface treatment, exposed fasteners are stainless steel SUS304 materials (will not rust, more corrosion resistant) and finally the LED light engine is completely sealed with an upgraded sealant which gives the LED lights for natatoriums a IP67 waterproof rating.

Indoor pool lighting is subject to an extraordinarily corrosive environment. Chloride clusters formed as a result of the evaporation of water droplets can give rise to localized corrosion. Choosing the right lighting technology and product is essential for long term performance. Only products designed to operate within a pool’s corrosive environment stand any chance of surviving long term.

Natatorium Lighting Level Recommendations

Competition Level Pool Pool Uniformity  Deck Deck Uniformity
Professional (Class I) 75 foot candles 1.7:1 max/min 50 foot candles 2.5:1 max/min
Collegiate (Class II) 50 foot candles 2.5:1 max/min 20 foot candles 4:1 max/min
Intermediate (Class III)  30 foot candles 3:1 max/min    10 foot candles 4:1 max/min
Recreational (Class IV) 30 foot candles 4:1 max/min    10 foot candles 4:1 max/min

Natatorium Safety

Without doubt, the most important consideration when choosing lighting for indoor pools is safety. And when it comes to safety, the choice of lights and the installation angles make all the difference. Powerful LED natatorium lights are incredibly reflective and well-built.

When you understand how surfaces interact with light sources, you can increase the light’s greatest depth penetration. This will help lifeguards to see the activities going on in all areas of the pool. It also helps in enhancing the pool’s visual appeal. For better visibility, lighting designers should install lights in the pool’s interior.


One of the major concerns about pool lighting is how water reflects light and produces glare. Glare can cause discomfort to swimmers and even pool attendants. The quality of light in an indoor swimming pool must be very high. The light impacts the safety of the swimmers as well as the people who take care of the pool. Pay special attention to the reflection of light on the pool’s surface and its surroundings.

A lighting designer can tone down reflection by installing LED lights on the pool’s perimeter and terrace. The problem can also be solved by projecting light upwards and downwards. The lighting products you choose must have a low glare rating.

The glare rating is measured using the Unified Glare Rating, a method used to calculate the glare emitted by luminaires. The rating helps us know how likely a light bulb is to cause discomfort to the people around it. A glare rating of less than 10 indicates low glare while a rating above 30 indicates high glare.

Humidity and Chemicals

Pools are very humid by nature and are known for the corrosion-causing ability. These two features can easily affect the lifespan of luminaires. The humidity in an indoor pool is high (up to 60%) and a high percentage of chlorine vapors which speed up the corrosion of materials.

Apart from this, the design of pools makes lighting maintenance difficult and costly. This is why lighting installations must be both durable and resistant. The LED lights used in natatoriums must have very high IP ratings.

An IP rating higher than 65 is considered good. Lights with an IP67 or IP68 rating are excellent as they are protected from water nozzles and submersion for specific periods of time.

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