Cricket Field Lights

Cricket Field Lights for Cricket Field & Stadium

We supply cricket field lights . LED light is the best option when it comes to replace halogen, mercury, metal halide. as LED is brighter, more energy efficient and durable. Sometimes we will need up to 50000 to 80000 watt LED cricket stadium lighting system for the professional ground, which costs around $75000 to $100000.

A good criecked field lights design is vital for matches, players and spectators. Usually the lighting for cricket stadiums surround the circular turf ground. To provide proper illumination, high power high mast LED that travels a long distance is necessary. Since we are manufacturer, we offer the outdoor flood lights for cricket ground having affordable price that reduce your overall cost.

Requirement of Cricket Ground Lighting

The requirement of cricket field lights is demanding. The lux level required varies different types of cricket stadium. Generally, if the court is for international matches, the lux value will be higher according to the cricket lighting’s compatibility guide.

1.Lux Level (Brightness) Requirement

different lux levels of cricket field

For general practice and recreational cricket stadiums, we need 250 to 350 lux, which is sufficient for players to have mild competition between the team members. Then, 500 to 750 lux is needed for professional matches. The brightness is higher because the movement is more vigorous. High intensity lighting invigorates the cricket players and thus enhances their performance. For the cricket stadium holding international broadcasting tournament, it takes around the highest standard of 1500 to 2500 lux. It is because it provides clearer environment for photo and video shooting.

2.Total Power of Cricket Field Lights Needed


Since the radius of the field is about 70 meters, the area is 15,400 m2. Take 750 lux (professional matches) as an example, we will need 15400 x 750 = 11550000 lumens. Since our LED lights have 140 lumens per watt, the minimum power is 11550000 / 140 = 82500 watts. It is a preliminary calculation only. It is strongly recommended to contact our engineers to get the free, professional lighting design opinion.

Cricket Field Lights Design 

To increase the chance of winning the cricket ground lighting tenders, we need to have precise and presentable photometric analysis. LedsMaster is experienced in handling the projects of sports and stadium lighting for 12 years. We help our clients win countless sports lighting biddings like football, rugby, tennis, badminton, and so on.

The above photometric lighting design is consisted of false color rendering (left) and value chart (right). Some of the designer will also provide you with the isolines for the cricket ground. We can see majority of the area is in red, which represents 2625 lux. The lux level distribution is indicated in the value chart. It is about 2000 to 3000 lux, and thus this is a professional sports field for the international tournament. If you would like to get the analysis report for your project, please feel free to contact us.


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