Tennis court lighting

Tennis court lighting

Tennis courts and their lighting system needs to be optimized around two main things: energy savings and usability. Without those, you are either going to pay excessive energy bills, have a poor playing experience, or both. With old tennis court light technologies, such as metal halide or HPS, it is common for them to both use excessive energy and provide a poor experience when compared to LED tennis court lights.

We have worked with tennis court owners and venues to optimize the lighting layout to meet their exact tennis court lighting requirements, along with common standards for optimal playing. In addition to LEDs ability to improve a tennis courts usability, they are also the number one energy efficient tennis court lighting option, and nothing even comes close to LEDs ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. This enables the long-term tennis court lighting cost associated with converting to LED tennis court lighting solutions actually pay for itself, producing a positive ROI.

Solving Tennis Court Lighting with Optics

One of the issues with lighting up outdoor tennis courts is the location of the poles relative to the location of the court. The poles are usually far away from the edges of the court as to not disrupt or cause harm to the players. But this works against lighting, the closer it is to the area you are lighting, the better it is.

To solve this, we have a series of outdoor fixtures with “Forward Throw Optics”, which essentially distributes the majority of the light far from the base of the pole. This allows for the light to be distributed where its needed, lighting up the courts, and not the areas near the courts.

The Lighting Center offers free Tennis Court Lighting Plans to make sure your lighting is perfect – before you buy. Contact us to find out how we can do one for you.

Outdoor LED Tennis Court Lighting

Typically with outdoor tennis court lighting systems, they can consist of either area lights, flood lights, or high mast lights. These types of lights output enough light for large outdoor areas, enabling an entire tennis court to be illuminated properly to meet outdoor tennis court lighting standards. With lighting that outputs so much light, they require a lot of energy to run. With our outdoor LED tennis court lighting options, they enable you to maintain high light output, with less energy consumption.

Not sure which LED lighting products for outdoor tennis courts you need? Contact us and a lighting professional will help determine which solutions may be best for you.



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