Huadian Sports lights Applications

Huadian Sports Lights Application: Huadian sports lighting can be used as football flood lights,soccer field lights,racesport lightin,tennis court lighting,basketball court lights,baseball field lights,cricket field lights,Volleyball court lights,Rugby Court lights,hocky field lights,horse arena lights,softball field lights,Ski Resort lights.Choose lights that have the right beam angle balancing light uniformity with high brightness. We provide stadium lights with multiple beam angles ,high uniformity, Anti-glare,Anti-flicker to meet the needs of sports lighting in various applications.

Hocky Field Lighting

Hockey Field Lighting

Race Track Lighting

Race Track Lighting

Arenas Lighting

Arena Lighting

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation Lighting

Tennis Court Lights

Volleyball Court Lighting

Cricket Field Lights

Cricket Field Lights

Volleyball Court 

Fencing Hall Lighting

Fencing Hall Lights


Swimming Pool

Indoor Swimming Pool Lighting

Indoor Sports 

Indoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor & Indoor Sports Lighting


high performance lighting systems for outdoor sports


high performance lighting systems for indoor sports